The ENERO members meet twice a year to exchange information on their activities and to draw up research proposals on topics of interest to public authorities and businesses in Europe. The members are developing a permanent cooperation and a coordination of their research efforts. ENERO promotes and supports interaction and exchange of scientists within the ENERO network.


The members are very active in the Framework Programme of the EU on topics as Environment, Energy, Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, Materials and

new Production technologies (NMP).


A biyearly cycle of scientific workshops started in 2006 to share developments in countries, research organizations and the European Commission to stimulate joint research and set up dedicated working groups. The subsequent workshops are:


  • Nano-materials and Nanoparticles Risk Management in 2006
  • Interactions between Atmospheric Pollution and Climate at the Regional Scale in 2008
  • Risk Assessment and Management of Strategic Energy Technologies in 2010
  • Boosting and securing eco-innovations through new partnerships in 2012

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