In 1991, Directors of leading European environmental research institutes recognized that the establishment of the single market would require a collective European approach in the development of environmental regulations, monitoring standards and abatement technology. Accordingly, it was decided to establish ENERO the European Network of Environmental Research Organizations. ENERO is an European association for exchange and coordination in the field of environmental science and technology

ENERO members are acting as an interface between public authorities and industry.
They are active in the evolution of fundamental and applied knowledge within the environmental technology as well as in the establishment process of rules and standards at national and European level. Their activity for industry is definitely oriented towards the development of practical solutions to environmental problems.


ENERO (European Network of Environmental Research Organisations), was created in 1992, and is a non-profit association under the French law.

Its members are research organisations acting at the interface of public authorities (national and European) and industry. Almost all of them develop research activities in support to policies and provide at the same time their expertise to support both competitiveness and sustainable development of the European industry.
Until recently, only one non-academic organisation per country was eligible to participate in the network.

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