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Environmental technology is an important asset on the road towards sustainability. It comprises all technologies that reduce the impact of industrial activities, buildings, mobility and agriculture on the environment. Besides improving the understanding of environmental problems, the focus in environmental technology is shifting from control and treatment of pollution and waste management to more inherent cleaner production processes and products.


The expertise of ENERO in environmental science and technology is wide ranging and covers:


  • Air quality and climate change
  • Pollution control (air, water, soil)
  • Risk assessment and management and environmental monitoringHealth and Environment ,Toxicology and Ecotoxicology
  • Clean and low carbon energy
  • Resource efficiency, waste elimination, treatment and management
  • Biobased economy, biological processes and bioproducts
  • Eco-innovation and clean technologies
  • Environmental auditing and ecobalances
  • Technical preparation of standards and regulations
  • Environmental and analytical chemistry

Through this wide ranging expertise, ENERO is able to promote the concept of sustainable development.


ENERO has been founded in 1992. Over the years, the expertise of ENERO in environmental science and technology has evolved. From understanding environmental issues, from sources of pollutants to the unwanted effects on human health and ecosystems, via end of pipe techniques the focus has partly shifted to sustainable production and eco-innovation.

With time, the expertise of ENERO in environmental science and technology has evolved, and some members have joined or left the network, depending of their national research strategies and subsequent public funding resources.

New research topics have been developed, like environment and health, risk management of emerging technologies like nano-materials or new energy vectors like hydrogen, around a core of expertise remaining basically the reference for excellence since 15 years.

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